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300: My Big Fat Greek* Ass-Whoopin'

I'd never heard of 300 until I saw gamelyn's post about itSuch a pretty trailer.  Every post I've seen about it has been enthusiatic, so I was stoked to see this movie.  We finally saw it tonight.  So much yummy buff eye candy.  :::drool::::  Beautiful cinematography.  However.... in all honesty we pretty much groaned, giggled or cringed through the whole thing.  Ridiculous odds, tons of blood and gore (well, duh), glory speech after glory speech.....

"Tonight!  We dine!  In HELL!"

"Uh, didn't we dine in Hell last night?"
"I thought we dined in Hell
last week."
"Hey - a
re we dining in Hell again?"

Edna Mode would've had a fit about the cloaks during the battle scenes.  And sure.... eleventy-billion Persion soldiers are gonna hang back while 300 Spartans take a break to (literally) build a wall of Persian dead.  And don't get me started about the "portable" throne....  I'm not saying don't see the movie.  I'm just sayin' it made me giggle.

(* OK Spartan ass-whoopin')

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