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An Insomniac's Garden in the Shade

"It's horrible... I love it... what is it?"

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J. U.r.s.u.l.a Q.u.i.l.l.e.n
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I make an exciting living as an Accountrix for a world health research organization, though it usually seems like I'm more of a Detective or a Communications Specialist. A chance discovery of Radio Free Abattoir rekindled my obsession with decent goth / darkwave / industrial music and dancing, which cascaded into an interesting series of paths and connections. I'm also pretty stoked about hula hooping, which I started in April 2014. I've also run a number of local events and I love to write.

I have three grown sons of whom I'm very proud: Isaac (graphic designer and general Renaissance man in Seattle), Gavin (chiropractor / personal trainer / mixed martial artist in San Antonio) and Connor (Finance student / explorer / destroyer class gamer in Raleigh).

Born in Alabama, and raised in Western New York, I've lived in Niagara Falls, Boston, and Syracuse, but I've spent most of my life in the Chapel Hill/Durham NC area. In the past I've made my living as a radio DJ and engineer, and have written for and served as an editor on at least eight publications. I've been told that dance reasonably well and that I shoot a decent game of pool. I'm also a procrastinator. Lots more to add ... later ...

Check out my hooping blog: "Ursula's Hoop Hacks"

“Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.” ~ Robert Anthony
(I need to quit gargling and get back to drinking.) :-)

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